This project is designed as a prospective intervention study integrated into the clinical routine of the treatment of OA of the hip. All participating patients are diagnosed with advanced coxarthrosis with clinical indication to receive a total hip arthroplasty surgery. Subjects will be randomized into one of three experimental groups (Control Group, CG0; Active Control Group, CG1; Blood-Flow-Restriction Group, BFR; figure 1). The subjects of CG0 will undergo established clinical routine (no intervention) in congruence to the guidelines of the certified EPZ (Endocert®: Endoprothesenzentrum). Patients of CG1 and BFR will perform a six week prehabilitation protocol, consisting of two exercise session per week. Applied exercise protocol consists of a unilateral leg press exercise which is performed from both legs successively. Where CG1 will perform the exercise protocol only, patients of the BFR group will receive an additional BFR protocol of the lower extremities during the exercise. The postoperative rehabilitation will be performed in congruence to clinical routine, by physical exercise from the first postoperative day until transition into a specific rehabilitation institution.