Blood Flow Restriction Training Becoming Standard Practice

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APTA recently did a feature piece on the use of Blood Flow Restriction in the PT profession. Below you can find some of their recommendations on getting started and a link to read the full feature.

Getting Started With BFR

"BFR is within the scope of practice for any physical therapist and within the scope of work for PTAs under PT supervision (check local regulations and your state practice act), but experts in the technique say it's important to undergo training before using it in the clinic.

"The big thing to understand is that blood flow restriction rehabilitation requires a medical-grade tourniquet or equivalent," says Drew Contreras, PT, DPT, APTA vice president of clinical innovation and integration. The cuffs that typically are used for BFR are specifically designed to restrict blood flow without occluding flow completely. Training in the technique typically covers equipment options, how to safely apply cuffs at the appropriate pressure, and applications for BFR in rehabilitation settings.

BFR training and education resources include:

View the full write up at the APTA website.