Well Kyle got his knickers in a bunch over an article’s title so we decided to talk about it for an hour or so. Within, Johnny, Ben, Zac, and Kyle talk about how they go about screening BFR papers to decide if they deserve a closer read.

The paper that got this conversation going:
* Grossl, F. S., Da-Sila-Grigoletto, M. E., Ferretti, F., Copatti, S. L., Corralo, V. da S., & De-Sá, C. A. (2023). The use of a single resistance exercise with or without blood flow restriction in the treatment of pain in knee osteoarthritis: a randomized clinical trial. BrJP, ahead.

The first BFR paper…20 years ago…calling for individualization of pressure:
* Fahs, C. A., Loenneke, J. P., & Rossow, L. M. (2012). Methodological considerations for blood flow restricted resistance exercise. Journal of.…icle/-char/ja/

Reference for weekly volume:
* Schoenfeld, B. J., Ogborn, D., & Krieger, J. W. (2017). Dose-response relationship between weekly resistance training volume and increases in muscle mass: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Journal of Sports Sciences, 35(11), 1073–1082.

References for Research Procedures:
* Büttner F, Toomey E, McClean S, et al Are questionable research practices facilitating new discoveries in sport and exercise medicine? The proportion of supported hypotheses is implausibly high British Journal of Sports Medicine 2020;54:1365-1371.

* McCambridge, A. B., Nasser, A. M., Mehta, P., Stubbs, P. W., & Verhagen, A. P. (2021). The Journal of Orthopaedic and Sports Physical Therapy, 51(10), 503–509.

* TIDieR: Hoffmann, T. C., Glasziou, P. P., Boutron, I., Milne, R., Perera, R., Moher, D., Altman, D. G., Barbour, V., Macdonald, H., Johnston, M., Lamb, S. E., Dixon-Woods, M., McCulloch, P., Wyatt, J. C., Chan, A.-W., & Michie, S. (2014). Better reporting of interventions: template for intervention description and replication (TIDieR) checklist and guide. BMJ , 348, g1687.

* CERT: Slade, S. C., Dionne, C. E., Underwood, M., & Buchbinder, R. (2016). Consensus on Exercise Reporting Template (CERT): Explanation and Elaboration Statement. British Journal of Sports Medicine, 50(23), 1428–1437.