In this episode Johnny and Kyle chat with Dr. Shane Scholten of Augustana University. Dr. Scholten has been investigating the effects of IPC on performance and has noted some particularly interesting things in terms of mechanisms, pressure needed, and overall effects.

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Learn more about Dr. Scholten here: https://www.augie.edu/directory/shane-scholten-phd

Dr. Scholten's work that we discussed:
Lindner, T.D, Scholten, S.D., Halverson, J.M., Baumgarten, K.M., Birger, C.B., Nowotny, B.G. The acute effects of ischemic preconditioning on sprint and power performance. SD Med. 2021; 74(5):210-219.

Scholten, S.D., I.N. Sergeev, Q. Song, C.B Birger. Effects of vitamin D and quercetin, alone and in combination, on cardiorespiratory fitness and muscle function in physically active male adults. Open Access J Sports Med. 2015; 24:6,229-39.

Scholten, S.D. and Sergeev, I.N. Vitamin D and physical performance in athletes. Immun Endoc & Metab Agents in Med Chem. 2014; 14:152-161.

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